– CONTACT INFO: I am one man that organizes this event. My name is Donnie Salter. Be patient if I do not reply promptly. You can message me through this page or email me at [email protected] or my personal email is [email protected]

– REGISTRATION PACKETS: All hang tags will be picked up upon entry to the event or at our pre-event on Friday. Due to all the event changes and ongoing shipping delays in addition to registration swaps, we will distribute your hang tag at the designated drive-thru check in. After you park you can visit our event tent for your shirt or any other items you purchased during registration. 

– SHIRTS/APPAREL: Your free event shirt will picked up at our event tent after you park. If you ordered additional apparel that will also be picked up at the tent. We will have shirts and hats for sale on site if you wish to purchase the day of the event. 


– TRAILERS/HAULERS PARKING: The location has a few areas for hauler parking. The CROSSROADS parking lot is less than 1,000 yards away from the show location. You will need to unload there and drive to the show field if space runs out for haulers.

JUDGING: No Judging for 2021

AWARDS: No awards for 2021

– WHAT IF IT RAINS? We will still see you there.

– CAN YOU LEAVE EARLY? Yes if you need to leave early we will not hold you hostage.

– VENDORS/FOOD TRUCKS: We are working on getting Chic-fil-a back as our primary food vendor. Other food/drink items can be purchased within the park.

– ALCOHOL: Outside drinks are prohibited per the rules/laws of a state park. We may or may not have on site alcohol sales. You can bring ice chests. What you put inside of it is up to you but these are the rules of the park. Just saying.

– DOGS: Leashed pets are allowed.

– LAW ENFORCEMENT: We will be paying for on site officers. Yes we have to pay for them. They will be enjoying the show with us but they will also give you a ticket if you are stupid.

– PARK DISCOUNTS: I am working with the park to offer an online discount code to purchase park tickets.

– GATE ENTRANCE FEES: It is $20 to enter the park. This is not included in your show registration cost. This is per the state of Georgia to enter the park. This means you have to give the little old lady $20 to be allowed in. We will not have our staff at the park entrance. There is nothing we can do about the traffic at the gate. Again this is a state park. Your show experience begins when you turn into the Sky Ride Parking Lot.