We will NOT be in the location from last year. I worked out a deal with the park to be in the most prime location for the best experience to give you. Space is extremely limited for this location. It will hold MAX 300 vehicles. It is already half full with pre-registrations.


I anticipate this to reach capacity before the day of the event. There will be NO ON SITE REGISTRATION anymore. This is a pre-registration event only because of the new location. Registration will shut down 2 weeks prior to the day of show for final organization prep. A few FAQ’s below.

– CONTACT INFO: I am one man that organizes this event. My name is Donnie Salter. Be patient if I do not reply promptly. You can message me through this page or email me at [email protected] or my personal email is [email protected]

– REGISTRATION PACKETS: Now that I have a solid grasp on the event location and a max number the mirror hang tags for registration will start being made. I did not want to have 600 tags made and only need half. So I will be making exactly 300 of them and they will start going out in the mail.

– SHIRTS/APPAREL: If you have ordered a shirt, hat, sticker those will be shipped with your hang tag and packet.

– REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registration will close SUNDAY APRIL 22 regardless of the number of registrations we have. This gives us time to mail your packet to you.

– HANG TAGS: You will need to have these on your rear view mirror as you enter the gate. This will eliminate the stop and go checkin’ at registration we have dealt with in the past. If you do not have a hang tag you CANNOT enter the show. All hang tags will be mailed with tracking prior to event. This is why we are cutting registration off 2 weeks prior.

– TRAILERS/HAULERS PARKING: The location we are in has no hauler parking on the lawn area. The CROSSROADS parking lot is less than 1,000 yards away from the show location. You will need to unload there and drive to the lawn area.

– ENTRANCE ROAD: There is one road in and one road out to the show. The road in OLD 78 HWY which is off the main road ROBERT E LEE BLVD. The road will end and there is a short gravel road you will take to the show entrance area. We will have people helping you in.

– VIP: Since there is 1 road in, 1 road out we are working on details on how to get the VIP registered folks in without having to wait in the line. We will post when this is figured out. VIP REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED because we reached capacity. It may open back up pending layout changes.

– MUSTANG LOVERS VIP: Ted from Mustang Lovers/Texas Mustang Invasion sets up his own VIP registration through his own page. That VIP is not to be confused with OUR VIP! This was a huge confusion last year. MATM VIP will park in the designated VIP area on our map. Ted’s Mustang Lovers VIP is simply group/club parking that he organized which will be labeled as club parking for Mustang Lovers.

JUDGING: Our team we have created will be judging the show field. We are not paid judges. We are not MCA judges. We are Mustang owners and enthusiasts just like yourselves. We base our judging on what we visually see. We are not going to crawl under your car or wipe a white glove under your hood. We will look at cleanliness of interior, exterior, scratches, dents, engine bay, brake dust, seat tears, etc. We will not be overly critical but we will be fair. We will have stickers we will place on your windshield after your car has been viewed. Just because we do not talk to you at your car or ask questions does not mean we are not taking your vehicle seriously. We all want our vehicle to win awards. We try to be fair and just and give it a good look with our visual eye before digging deeper.

AWARDS: We will have best of awards for certain categories. BEST OF SHOW, BEST PAINT, BEST ENGINE, CLUB PARTICIPATION, etc. The rest of the awards will be top 25. I believe we will mix in a BEST MODIFIED and best STOCK category this year to make it as even as possible. That eliminates 1, 2, 3 place issues. So if you won BEST OF SHOW you will not get a top 25 award also. If you win BEST MODIFIED again you will not get a top 25 also. Awards are still being ironed out but this is the gist of it.

– WHAT IF IT IS MUDDY? We have a backup plan in place. The CROSSROADS parking lot just across the way will be our location if for any reason there are torrential rains leading up to our event deeming the location too wet or muddy.

– CAN YOU LEAVE EARLY? Yes if you need to leave early we will not hold you hostage.

– VENDORS/FOOD TRUCKS: We are working on getting Chic-fil-a back as our primary food vendor. Other food/drink items can be purchased within the park.

– ALCOHOL: Outside drinks are prohibited per the rules/laws of a state park. We may or may not have on site alcohol sales. You can bring ice chests. What you put inside of it is up to you but these are the rules of the park. Just saying.


– LAW ENFORCEMENT: We will be paying for on site officers. Yes we have to pay for them. They will be enjoying the show with us but they will also give you a ticket if you are stupid.

– PARK DISCOUNTS: I am working with the park to offer an online discount code to purchase park tickets.

– GATE ENTRANCE FEES: It is $15 to enter the park. This is not included in your show registration cost. This is per the state of Georgia to enter the park. This means you have to give the little old lady $15 to be allowed in. We will not have our staff at the park entrance. There is nothing we can do about the traffic at the gate. Again this is a state park. Your show experience begins when you turn onto OLD 78 HWY to enter the show.